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Welcome to Junior DPS! India’s first best preschool in delhi, India that has excelled in offering high-quality online education at pocket–friendly prices. The online classes are meticulously designed to cater comprehensive development to our kids including physical development, intellectual development and creativity enhancement in their crucial formative years.

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Our unique curriculum is designed with the objective to make children addicted to learning! All activities & lesson plans are tailored to scientific brain based principals..

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The objective of the new digitally-enabled learning program is to ensure that children learning continues for the children and secondly they are active not just socially but physically as well.

Physical development

Language Development

Cognitive Development

Creativity Development

Personal Development

Physical development

The first step for a healthy mind is a healthy body. As children’s bodies develop, their muscles become stronger and they gain more control over their bodies. At Junior DPS, our curriculum is designed to improve all the aspects of physical development from Fine motor skills to Gross motor skills.

  • Clay Play.
  • Art Activities.
  • Yoga.
  • Dance.
  • Physical games.
  • Outdoor Activities

Language Development

Language is the most important tool that the human brain uses for its growth. Children start to use language initially with uttering sounds and later develop into the complex language. We motivate children to explore language with the help of –

  • Story Telling sessions.
  • Reading.
  • Communication.
  • Show and tell.
  • Communication.

Cognitive Development

The cognitive development of the child helps them to solve various tasks alongside, it helps them to remember and process information on a later stage. We seek to work on the cognitive skills of children by activities that encourage them to explore and analyse as well as employ their problem-solving skills. Examples:

  • Puzzles.
  • Blocks.
  • Mazes.
  • Colour and shape games.

Creativity Development

Promoting the creative skills of the child is also an important factor of Junior DPS as we understand its significance in the child’s life. We attempt to tap the immense potential of creativity in our children so that the child grows with his unique perspective and contributes towards the betterment of the world.

  • Colouring.
  • Folding Papers (origami).
  • Printing activities like vegetable printing and newspaper printing.
  • Freehand drawing.

Personal Development

Personal Development of a child helps him/her to achieve and inculcate various behaviours in the due course of time. Although personal development is a life-long process and the formative years i.e. from age 2 to 5 are the most crucial part of this whole journey. We impart:

  • Moral Values.
  • How to take care of themselves.
  • How to care for their surroundings.

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The JUNIOR DPS is an elementary-school, designed to cater to the pre-schooling needs of students . It is the first structured and process driven in the fragmented space for early childhood education.

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